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1. pololetí 2013/2014 - odznak Galileo Galilei

Simultaneously, in the badge there is a hidden riddle:

  • Are you able to enumerate all planets?
  • What is the name of "the thing" nearby Saturn?
  • What is the name noted nearby Jupiter? (our help: look at the bodge in the mirrror)

Galileo Galilei

He was born on 15 February 1564
He died on l 8 January 1642

Galileo was the first astronom who was using science and available methods to verify or to uproot the theory about universe. Since that time, only church and its representants might hold forth on universe.
In the year 1609 Galileo hearded about a new scientific invention called telescope or similarly binoculars. He decided to build one of the telescopes and use that for watching universe.

  • He proved that moon is not an acurate globe. When he was wathing on moon, he discovered mountains, valeys, craters.
  • He proved that stars are not only small holes in the glass globe around the Earth. When he was investigating Milky way, he made a discovery that this galaxy is created from millions of individual stars that have different distance from Earth.
  • He proved the words of Mikulas Kopernik (the first astronomer from the Renaissance) who had been holding the opinion that Earth is not a centre of universe. When Galileo was looking on Jupiter, he discovered four moons running around this planet. That means that not all planets and moons in the universe are running around the Earth.

Among the other well-known Galileo´s discoveries is for example the fact that everything is falling by the same speed. Galileo describe this fact on jump from a bridge – if a man jump in the same moment as the elephant from a bridge, both of them would fall down in the same time. To prove this theory, he trown two balls of different weight down from the tower Torre Pendente in Pisa. Both balls fell down the surface in the same moment.

The most important advantage in Galileo´s life was that he did not quarrel with the others. On scientific bases, he could prove that all his claims are true.





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