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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Further „terms of regulations“

I. Všeobecné ustanovení

I.General regulations (terms and condition) Trade terms delimit and specify rights and duties of every provider of education include services, (further only „provider“) and participants of education (further only „client“). All the contractual relationships are made in accord to with rule of law of Czech Republic. The relationships that are not arranged by these terms and conditions are regulated by educational law (561/2004 Sb.), by the announcement about the interest activity (74/2005 Sb.), by the civil code (č. 40/1964 Sb.), by the trade code (513/1991 Sb.) and by the law about protection of consumers (č. 634/1992 Sb.).

II. Identification entry data about provider

Věda nás baví o.p.s.
Velkopřevorské náměstí 629/7, PSČ 118 00, Praha 1 - Malá Strana
IČ: 242 04 137, DIČ: CZ242 04 137

Statutory corporation - director: Charles Adam Peake

Common-law form: Commonly Beneficial Communityt (o.p.s.)

III.The provided services

  • Investigation foccused on different level of education for children and youth in science and research. 
  • Implementation of projects leading to supportion of children´s and youth´s literacy on the field of science, technology and research. 
  • Organisation of courses, workshops and campaigns for children and youth foccused predominantly on support of science and research. 
  • Development of teacher´s and lecturer´s skills to hand over the knowleadges with a scientific base to children and youth.

IV. Formation of contractual relationship

Expression of deep interest of client:
Based on the client´s interest (personaly, mail, online registration, complementation of paper form to register), the provider announce to client the conditions for service delivery. Especially, the terms of payments, the participant terms, the health requirements, the range of the services privided to client and the other related circumstance are mentioned. Client express his agreement with the trade conditions of provided service by his signature on the application form. This application form in the paper version needs to be given to lecturer. The application form might be sent also by email or by registration of client on websites.

Formation of the conceptual relationship
The conceptual relationship is made in the moment when the application form in the paper version is delivered to service provider. Simultaneously, by sending this form, client agrees with the trade conditions of VNB. The same conceptual relationship is made also since the online registration has been created or if a child has been registered by email ( see previous paragraph – expression of a client´s interest).

V. The ways of settlement

The provider states to client the way of settlement for provided services. The payment must by proccesed at least in the beginning of the 3rd lesson while two following posibility how to pay are available:

  • Postal money order or bank transfer on VNB´s account. Provider informs a client about the amount of money, variable symbol and number of bank account. 
  • In the case that the service is paid for client by third site (emproyer etc.), provider write out the invoice for client based on his request and only in the case when all neccessary information about payer are given to provider. These information have to be delivered to provider of service. The invoice is issued with a 14 days of maturity date. 
  • In the exceptional cases, there is a posibility to execute the payment by cash. Client obtains the earnings receipt.

In case that the applicant will start to attend the club during the semester, the price will be reduced according to the following rules:
1) start of participation in the club from the 6th lesson - the price is reduced by 30% of the full amount
2) start of participation in the club from the 11th lesson - cost is reduced by 60% of the full amount
3) in the case of using sibling discount the price will not be reduced

VI. The barriers on client´s site

In the case of impossibility of client´s participation in the course, eventhough the registration has been successfully proccesed, client is required to inform provider about this situation in the written form. This might be done by letter, mail or SMS. Simultaneously, provider will inform to client about the message acceptance. The conceptual relationship between provider and client is broken when the message about this acceptance is sent to client. However, such measurement is made by the third working day after client´s announcement delivery to provider at the latest. According to a date of termination of the conceptual relationship, the cancelation from a real price payed by client is calculated. The concrete procedure is notified in the article num. VIII in the trade conditions.

In this calculation, the fixed costs and the number of lessons passed by client are mainly respected. In the case of client´s absence in particular lessons, there is no posibility for client to claim right for money refund. The claim is created just in the case that conceptual relationship has been finished as stated above.

VII. The Barriers on provider´s site

In some concrete cases, provider might specify a minimal amount of participants in a lesson. If the minimal amount of participants in the course is not achieved, provider is competent to cancel a course. Such decision is made at the latest within a range of 3 lessons. In this case, the conceptual relationship between provider and client finishes by day of course cancellation. Provider might cancel the aktivity also from the other objective reasons. However, client is informed about that fact withou any delay. In the case that the leader of course would not be able to continue with teaching during the semester and simultaneosly, there is no possiblity to safeguard an appropriate compensation, provider has also the right to cancel whole course. In this case, the proportional part of money calculated according to the number of lessons carried out during the semester and number of lessons that have not been tutored is given back to client.

VIII. Conditions of the service cancellation provided to client

The cancellation charge is calculated based on the amount of lessons that have been realized and the fixed costs for particular activity. Such condition are equal for all types of activity and services provided by VNB and they are in accordance with a trade terms. In some concrete cases, provider might change this conditions and set them differently. If the conditions for fee cancelation are set differently, client has a pretension to get 50% of the amount of money paid already back. The proportional part is calculated as the ratio of realized activities and the activities (lessons) that have not been carried out.

IX. Service delivery

Provider is commited to give a service to client in a quality and gamut that was being notified in the coditions about service providing (propositions, leaflet, school educational programme, project, etc.) Client had been familiarized with such conditions before the conceptual relationship was created and the registration was done according to the point IV. By the signature, client confirms that he has these condition in consciousness. Further, provider has ordained production rules and the other conditions of client participation in activity that might be available for client in the provider´s websites and therefore, client is alerted to them. In the case that the condition are not observed by client, provider can finish the conceptual relationship. This might be done also during the semester and in that moment, provider is not requiered to give to client the financial compensation.

X. Refunds

In the case that conceptual relationship is finished, provider gives back to client the amount of money that client have been paid. That amount of money is getting lower due to payment of cancellation charges (point VIII) noted in the trade terms. Refunds is sent to client´s bank account based on client´s written request. Such request has contain a client´s name and surname, a reason of finishing of conceptual relationship, number of a bank account that will be used for given the money back or its proportional part to client. If anybody else as the third person has been paid for client, the refund is given back to this third person in the both form of credit note added to invoice or directly by sending the refund to particular bank account.

XI. Higher power

In the case of intervention of higher power, provider does not have any duties or commitments to client.In the case of premature finish of activity, client does not have any pretension to money refund for already paid activity. The higher power includes war, civil disorder, announcement of state of emergency or natural disasters. The higher power contain also limitation of provided service (activity) due to a change of legislation or liquidation of a provider as a consequence of founder´s decision. Another way of the provider´s settlement of dutiesis is based on founder´s decision.

XII. The final regulation

These trade terms are valid and obligatory for all services provided according to these condition. Any changes might be done in the written form and it does not rely to conditional relationships which have been made by a contract entrance. In the case of different way to make a contract, both contractual sites need to agree with that change.

These terms are valid by 01/05/2013

In Prague, 30th April 2013

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