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About us

Many sociologists and anthropologists declare technological progress to be the primary factor driving the development of human civilization.

This technological progress is increasing at a rapid rate, imagine that more than 80% of all the scientist who have ever lived are alive today. Science is everywhere in today’s world - it is part of our daily lives. Advances in science and technology are transforming our world at an incredible pace, and our children’s future will depend even more on leaps in technology we can only imagine today. As a result, our children's future will become evermore dependent on technology as science drives progress. In order to excel or just survive the future, our children will need to understand at least conceptually the science of technology.

So to give our children a little boost, we have created the VĚDA NÁS BAVÍ project. Our mission is to inspire young people to study science with the aim of developing future science and technology leaders, by engaging them in captivating interactive learning programs.

The project VĚDA NÁS BAVÍ would like to enable children to get in touch with science at a very young age and thus encourage their future interest in it.

Need help? Email us at info@vedanasbavi.cz

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