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The company VNB organize the science courses also for kids from kindergardens. The programme of pre-school education is arranged based on children´s age. Small preschool children will be familiarized with fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, engineering and mechanical engineering in a funny form. Therefore, all children will become a small scientists for a short time.

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Programme of lessons

  • Children do the experiments that are undemanding and safe in the same time foccused on magnetism, vulkanism, salinity, characteristic of liquids, gases  and solid materials as well as many others natural laws.
  • In the understandable form, the theory and principles of these phenomenons is explained to to pupils. This teoretical background is than transformed into the practice due to individual experiments that show to pupils for example the functioning of vulcano, understanding of butterfly´s wing motion or telephone, hydrometer eventually etc. 
  • The main emphasis is placed on gaining of practical skills usable in everyday life.
  • All the experiments are proposed for kids from kindergarden, therefore there is neither risk nor difficulties. For experimental purposes, we use the common material from stationery such as office clips, balloons, straws etc.
  • To gain a certificate, we require a participation in at least 10 lessons from overall 14.


For who is the course designed?

  • For all children with enquiring mind in the age of 5 years.

Information about lessons - where, how often and how long?

  • 45 minutes / week, once a week, in a area of kindergarden
  • 14 lessons per one semester


  • work in Groups - scientific teams (3 members per group) 



  • Lecturer takes over  the children in arranged time. Lessons are processed in a reserved area of kindergardens. During the lesson, lecturer takes a responsibility for safety of children as well as a respect to rules set by head of kindergarden and company VNB. In the end of every lesson, lecturer hands all children on responsible person from kindergarden.
  • Except a good mood and a deep interest, all neccessary material and utilities will be provided to children by company VNB. Children do not need any other things to scientifically discover the life.
  • In common practice, company VNB make up the cancelled lessons for holiday and bank holidays.


  • Prague: 1 590,- Kč
  • Brno: 1 350,- Kč

  • Children might be registered also during the semester. In this case, the price will be getting lower for the unattended lessons
  • Company VNB stipulate the oportunity to set the price differently based on conditions of each kindergarden.


  • We prefer a bank transfer to pay for course. The entry data will be sent by email after registration. Additionally, these information will be provided by lecturer on the first lesson.

Registration form

  • Please, do the registration online via our websites. The registration form is available here. To register your child on course is possible a semester/whole school year ahead. The lesson plans are prepared for every new semester!

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